Once you go SAXX, you never go back

Once you go SAXX, you never go back

First of all, let’s set the table: I must warn you that this post talks about men’s private parts and may cite the words penis, dick, or testicles a couple times, so if you’re not comfortable with that, get your hands on your old high school biology class book and try to accept the fact that human beings have genitals. That being said,

Have you ever offered a present to your family jewels? If not, now’s a good time to do it. I’ve tried a lot of boxers in the past, from inexpensive to pricier ones. I thought I was in good hands with what I had. I didn’t really pay attention to how I felt in my boxers. But then I bought a pair of SAXX boxers – and my life changed.

The most revolutionary aspect of these boxers is the patented internal mesh panels. When you dong your boxers, your penis goes straight into that little cocoon and it stays there. It’s as if you dropped off your dick at the spa for the day. You just leave it there, and it stays there, in heaven for the day. No more choosing sides, no more unwanted friction.


Patented internal mesh panels

Aside from that, SAXX uses 9 panel construction, each of them serving a technical purpose. Always made of the finest fabrics and designed with perfection in mind, each garment will suit your needs. The flatlock seams add stretch and durability while eliminating excess seams. The ergonomic design of the front pouch gives the right amount of room and support with no exposed stitching and no inner seams.

Here are the collections and styles offered along with their key features:

EVERYDAY – Do I really have to elaborate?

This collection includes:

    • Softest fabric of the collection
    • Wrinkle resistant
    • Moisture wicking
    • Breathable
    • Soft Viscose fabric
  • VIBE
    • Soft Viscose fabric
    • Moisture wicking waistband

Vibe boxer hiker stripe

  • 24-SEVEN
    • Premium cotton
    • Relaxed silhouette
    • Premium cotton
    • Anti-fold waistband

PERFORMANCE – More technical, designed for aerobic activites

This collection includes:

  • QUEST 2.0
    • Ultra-light, smooth-feel fabric
    • Breathable and fast drying
    • Bonded rear tag
    • Anti-fold quick-dry waistband
  • PRO ELITE 2.0
    • Anti-fold waistband
    • Quick-dry, moisture wicking fabric
    • Ergonomic split-panel design for reduced pressure points
    • Semi-compression
    • Action stretch
    • Quick dry
    • Athletic waistband

Black Kinetic Boxer

    • Tactical compression
    • Reflective logo
    • Anti-odor
    • Moisture wicking
    • Temperature regulating
    • Merino natural fibers
    • Wind-block front panel
    • Winter weight fleece
    • Extremely soft

Every morning, when comes the time to choose which pair I’m going to put on, I go on a quest to find a SAXX pair among all others. When I find one, it brightens my day. I almost look at the others and judge them for not being as perfect. My advice: if you become religiously addicted like I am, you’ll need to have a sustainable inventory in order to never run out of clean pairs. Come on, indulge.